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Depending on application, use face shield, safety goggles or safety glasses.

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As appropriate, wear dust mask, hearing protectors, gloves and workshop apron capable of stopping small abrasive or workpiece fragments. The eye protection must be capable of stopping flying debris generated by various operations.

Reţelele cristaline ale metalelor. Sunt cazuri când unele metale cristalizează în sisteme diferite în funcţie de temperatură. Această proprietate se numeşte polimorfism sau alotropie, iar trecerea de la un sistem cristalin la altul se numeşte modificare alotropică. Acest lucru se datorează schimbării orbitelor electronilor periferici sub acţiunea căldurii.

The dust mask or respirator must be capable of filtrating particles generated by your operation. Prolonged exposure to high intensity noise may cause hearing loss. Keep bystanders a safe distance away from work area. Anyone entering the work area must wear personal protective equipment. Fragments of workpiece or of a broken accessory may fly away and cause injury beyond immediate area of operation.

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Hold power tool by insulated gripping surfaces only, when performing an operation where the cutting accessory may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Cutting accessory contacting a "live" wire may make exposed metal parts of the power tool "live" and shock the operator.

Position the cord clear of the spinning accessory. If you lose control, the cord may be cut or snagged and your hand or arm may be pulled into the spinning accessory.

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Safety Warnings Specific for Grinding and Abrasive Cutting-Off Operations: a Use only wheel types that are recommended for your power tool and the specific guard designed for the selected wheel. Wheels for which the power tool was not designed cannot be adequately guarded and are unsafe.

The guard helps to protect operator from broken wheel fragments and accidental contact with wheel. For example: do not grind with the side of cut-off wheel.

shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate

Abrasive cut-off wheels are intended for peripheral grinding, side forces applied to these wheels may cause them to shatter. Proper wheel flanges support the wheel thus reducing the possibility of wheel breakage.

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Flanges for cut-off wheels may be different from grinding wheel flanges. Wheel intended for larger power tool is not suitable for the higher speed of a smaller tool and may burst.

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Do not attempt to make an excessive depth of cut. Shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate the wheel increases the loading and susceptibility to twisting or binding of the shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate in the cut and the possibility of kickback or wheel breakage. When the wheel, at the point of operation, is moving away from your body, the possible kickback may propel the spinning wheel and the power tool directly at you.

Never attempt to remove the cut-off wheel from the cut while the wheel is in motion otherwise kickback may occur.

shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate

Investigate and take corrective action to eliminate the cause of wheel binding d Do not restart the shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate operation in the workpiece.

Let the wheel reach full speed and carefully reenter the cut. The wheel may bind, walk up or kickback if the power tool is restarted in the workpiece.

shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate

Large workpieces tend to sag under Never lay the power tool down until the accessory has come to a complete stop. The spinning accessory may grab the surface and pull the power tool out of your control. Do not run the power tool while carrying it at your side.

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Accidental contact with the spinning accessory could snag your clothing, pulling the accessory into your body. Regularly clean the power tools air vents.

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The motors fan will draw the dust inside the housing and excessive accumulation of powdered metal may cause electrical hazards. Do not operate the power tool near flammable materials. Sparks could ignite these materials. Do not use accessories that require liquid coolants. Using water or other liquid coolants may result in electrocution or shock.

Kickback and Related Warnings Kickback is a sudden reaction to a pinched or snagged rotating wheel, backing pad, brush or any other accessory.

Pinching or snagging causes rapid stalling of the rotating accessory which in turn causes the uncontrolled power tool to be forced in the direction opposite of the accessorys rotation at the point of the binding. For example, if an abrasive wheel is snagged or pinched by the workpiece, the edge of the wheel that is entering into the pinch point can dig into the surface of the material causing the wheel to climb out or kick out.

shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate

The wheel may either jump toward or away from the operator, depending on direction of the wheels movement at the point of pinching. Abrasive wheels may also break under these conditions.

Always use auxiliary handle, if provided, for maximum control over kickback or torque reaction during start-up. The operator can control torque reactions or kickback forces, if proper precautions are taken. Accessory may kickback over your hand.

Joe bastianich își pierde greutatea will propel the tool in direction opposite to the wheels movement at the point of snagging.

Avoid bouncing and snagging the accessory.

shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate

Corners, sharp edges or bouncing have a tendency to snag the rotating accessory and cause loss of control or kickback. Such blades create frequent kickback and loss of control 7 their own weight. Supports must be placed under the workpiece near the line of cut and near the edge of the workpiece on both sides of the wheel.

shatter sx 7 pierdere în greutate

The protruding wheel may cut gas or water pipes, electrical wiring or objects that can cause kickback.